Breathe in is a game about Meditation. You control your focus, and must navigate your way to the 'breathe in' and 'breathe out' pick ups in order to focus on your breathing. Breathing lessens your tension which builds up over time, if you let your Tension get too high, you will lose the game. Avoid intrusive thoughts as they will increase your Tension. You win if you successfully Meditate for 2 minutes.

Note: This is a game about meditation, not a meditation tool. If things feel stressful when you are losing, that's kind of by design.


WASD, Arrow Keys, or Left Analogue Stick for movement

This game was made for the BTP gamejam #3, The Theme is "Less is More". Breathe In interprets the theme in 2 ways. It's fairly minimalistic in design but also conceptually, as meditation is all about clearing your mind, where less is more.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorGolden Wreath Games
Tags2D, Abstract, Arcade, Singleplayer


Breathe In Windows 15 MB

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a very welcoming change of pace from the rest of the entires i the jam really and very in tone with the theme of the jam loved it 

Thanks, I tried to be original so I'm glad you liked that!


I like that you can suffocate when trying to meditate. That's some dedication there.

But yeah, the time pressure is great for gameplay. The movement feels kind of weird on analog stick, it almost snaps to horizontal and vertical lines.

Also, the eerie kind of whale-song in the background is really neat

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technically you're not suffocating, you're just getting too frustrated at your inability to clear your mind so you give up meditating. But if imagining the player character is dying because they forgot to breathe is more fun, then I'm not going to stop you :P

Yeah, there are some issues with the analogue stick I need to fix, It shouldnt be doing that, snapping to vertical lines but I did notice it in my testing as well. I just had to focus my limited time elsewhere.

That eerie whalesong by the way is me... just slowed waaaaaaaay down :D

Hey, I thought the game was pretty fun, but is there a reason that only a quarter of the screen in used during the game?

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It shouldn't do that. I'm afraid I haven't figured out how to lock the size of the window in the web version. The download version will be the right size. You need to zoom in or out with your browser for it to be the right size.

Thanks for trying the game and leaving feedback :)

I find it very relaxing. Great game although it doesnt fit to the theme but still great game. :)

I beg to differ, the whole concept of the game is how in meditation, less is more. But thank you for your feedback.

Hey, this looked great! Though I'm not sure I was very meditative by the end with everything buzzing around. I thought the interpretation of the theme, while unexpected, was also neat. Simple idea, well executed. Great first jam entry.

On the topic of controls, as a leftie, I have a rabid hatred of WASD. If there's no option to change (and why should you, it's a jam), I'd love it if the arrow keys also worked as a default as well.

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It's easy for me to add arrow keys as well as WASD so I'll add that in next update :)

Thanks so much for the feedback. It's a game about meditation but not really one that makes you meditate, if that makes sense. If you're going badly it is designed to get stressful

Update: Arrow keys are now supported. The game doesn't really tell you that but they will work.