In Healer LFG you play the healer in an MMO party and must keep your team alive while they fight off waves of monsters. You can not defend yourself so you must rely on your team for defence, keep your team rejuvenated so they can keep you alive!


Keyboard: WASD to move, Arrow Keys for targetting friendlies and 12345 for Healing magic.

Controller: Left Analogue to move, DPAD for targetting friendlies and ABXY LB for Healing Magic.

Your Party:

Healer (Down, Koala): This is you! the only character you can control. You can't defend yourself so keep your team rejuvenated so they can keep you alive!

Tank (Left, Platypus): Big beefy defender. Lots of health, takes half damage. Does low damage at close range.

Warrior (Up, Echidna): Close range damage dealer with medium health.

Ranger (Right, Kangaroo): Long range damage dealer that focuses on finishing off weakened foes. Very squishy!

The Spells: 

Healing Hands (1, A): close range spell with High healing and low cool down. 

Healing Bolt (2, X): long range spell with medium healing and medium cool down

Health Regen(3,B): long range spell that provides healing over time, long cooldown

Mass Heal(4,Y): Heal All party members, long cooldown.

Resurrect(5,LB): Revive a team member from the dead at medium range, long cooldown.

This game was made for the Fireside GameJam 2021.

Jam Team:

Game concept + design, programming, Sound Effects: KrazyKain GoldenWreathGames (@GamesWreath)

Music: Ben Mallinson (@MallinsonBen)

Art and Graphics: Alen Blazekovic (@AlenBlaekovi)

Third Party assets used:

Font: Hardsign by Blankids (

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorGolden Wreath Games
GenreRole Playing


HealerLFG Linux 27 MB
HealerLFG Windows 26 MB

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